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Digital Duplicators

This is a modern version of a Stencil Duplicator. This machine uses a master as a stencil. This stencil need not be cut on a Typewriter. A text can be copied into the master from the same machine like a copier. Printing is very much cheaper than a copier if you require multiple copies. It works on cheaper Ink & Paper.

Flexible and cost-efficient document production


Click to enlargePrinting large volumes at high speed and low cost? We make it possible. The Priport™ DX 3443 produces quality prints while giving you total control over output and budget. Integrate them in your network, or use them as extra fast printers. Flexible in their paper handling and easy to use, our digital duplicators are bound to improve your workflow.

  • productivity: 130 ppm.
  • High volumes, low cost.
  • A3 paper scanner/feeder.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Management and network options.


Ricoh Priport DX3243 Specifications

Type Digital, desktop
Printing process Press roller system, full automatic one drum system
Originals Sheets/books
Original size Platen glass - Maximum 297 x 432 mm
ADF - Minimum 105 x 128 mm, Maximum 297 x 432 mm
Print paper size Minimum 90 x 140 mm
Maximum 275 x 395 mm
Print paper weight 47 - 209 g/m²
A3 paper feed mode - 52 - 81 g/m²
Print area 210 x 288 mm (A4 drum)/250 x 355 mm (B4 drum)
Print speed 80 - 100 - 130 sheets per minute (3 steps)
A3 paper feed mode - 80 sheets per minute
First print speed Less than 34 seconds (A4)
Resolution - 300 X 300 dpi (fine mode 300 X 400 dpi)
Image modes Letter, photo, letter/photo (auto separation), pale, pencil
Paper feed table capacity 1,000 sheets (80 g/m²)
Delivery table capacity 1,000 sheets (80 g/m²)
A3 paper feed mode - 500 sheets (80 g/m²)
Power consumption Maximum - Master making 210 W
Printing - 185 W (at 130 sheets per minute)
Energy saver mode - Less than 7.6 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) With platen cover - 1,224 x 681 x 633 mm
With ADF - 1,224 x 681 x 686 mm

Fast and cost-efficient quality printing


Click to enlarge With the Priport™DX 4545, digital duplication reaches a new level of sophistication. This device is easily embedded in your network and offers new possibilities to track your print costs. Uniquely designed masters, special inks and print pressure control guarantee excellent image quality. Discover how the DX 4545 combines cost-efficiency with superior functions and print results.

• High performance.
• Optional network controller.
• Cost-accounting option.
• New spot colours.
• Extended language selection.


Ricoh Priport DX4545 Description

This device is easily embedded in your network and offers new possibilities to track your print costs. Uniquely designed masters, special inks and print pressure control guarantee excellent image quality. Discover how the DX 4545 combines cost-efficiency with superior functions and print results.

New RPCS Network Controller:
The FV-Lt network controller has the capabilities of achieving more functions in comparison to its predecessor, these include: Web Image Monitor, Smart Device Monitor and Desktop Binder. The enhanced network controller gives the DX4545 more possibility to enter into government offices, schools and corporations where the LAN environment is well established.

Fine mode:
The DX4545 boasts the capabilities of producing masters in 400 x 600dpi, when in Fine Mode. This makes the machine ideal for printing photo images and other important documentation.

Noise Reduction:
A common concern with Digital Duplicators in general is the amount of noise that they create when in use. The DX4545 incorporates special noise absorbing pads, which reduces noise output thus making it ideal for schools and offices.

Remote capability:
The FV-Lt controller enables Remote capability in the DX4545.

Custom Made Color Inks:
The availability of Custom Made Color Inks has proven advantageous for the Priport range especially as this benefit is not shared by the MFP/LP range. Demands for spot color printing on letter heads, invoices and other personalized documentation still remains strong. The DX4545 has the capabilities of spot color printing in both standard and custom made color inks which are Ricoh Global Standard compliant.

Enhanced Security:
The DX4545 features a user tool access lock for security enhancement. In environments where anyone can access the machine, this function keeps the user tool settings from being changed without administrator’s permission. Access is controlled by password that administrator creates as he/she wishes.


Ricoh Priport DX4545 Specifications

Print Speed 120ppm Mono
Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
First Print Speed Less than 24 seconds
Weight 87 kg
Paper Capacity 1,000 sheets
Network Controller Printer Option
ADF Option
Printing Process Press roller system, fully automatic one-drum system

Stencil Duplicators

This machine is used to duplicate an original into several copies. The text is cut into a stencil by way of a Typewriter and it is introduced into the machine. Copies can be made on any cheap paper unlike a copier which requires expensive paper and toner.

Electric/Manual Stencil Duplicator


Click to enlargeRongda stencil duplicators have two working types: Manual and automatic. Operate in simple with convenient control panel, machine can adjust printing pressure and feed ink automatically. The printing sheets can come with good quality smoothly.






Printing Method

Electric/Manual Stencil Duplicator


Printing Speed

40-120 Sheets/Minute


Max. Printing Area



Max. Printing Paper



Max. Stencil Size



Paper Weight



Paper Feed Tray Capacity

500Sheets (Paper of 64g/m2)


Printing Position Adjust

Up and Down ±30mm


Paper Feeding Plate

Automatic Feeding (Max. Stack Height:55 mm)


Ink Supply



Ink Distribution

4 Optional Positions


Paper Counter

4 Digits Counter, 9999-0000


Power Source

110V or 220V or 240V 50/60Hz


Dimensions in use



Dimension in storage




G.T. 38kgs        N.T. 35kgs

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