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Kingston's DataTraveler USB Flash Drive is the latest in portable flash memory storage from the greatest name in memory. Reliable and easy to use, it's the choice of corporations and consumers alike for securely storing, carrying and transferring important digital files.

DataTraveler Generation 3 (G3)


Click to enlargePortable storage that carries on the Kingston tradition of quality. The new generation of a Kingston® best-seller is here! With capacities up to 32GB, the reliable DataTraveler® Generation 3 (G3) is ideal for your important documents, music, video clips and favorite photos that can be stored and retrieved in a flash.

Sleek Portable Storage
DataTraveler 160


Click to enlarge Kingston's DataTraveler® 160 USB Flash drive combines functionality with a capless design that features a chrome and rubber coating for a premium look. The rubberized thumb grip makes it the easiest-to-use retractable USB Flash drive on the market. The retractable case protects the connector, providing durability and convenience.

Western Digital

My Passport portable drives are the world's best selling drives. There's a reason. We've been making hard drives for 20 years and we know how to protect your data.

My Passport


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A single drive with universal compatibility today and next-generation speed for tomorrow. Use it with USB 2.0 now and step up to USB 3.0 speed when you're ready.


Ricoh Priport DX4545 Description

This device is easily embedded in your network and offers new possibilities to track your print costs. Uniquely designed masters, special inks and print pressure control guarantee excellent image quality. Discover how the DX 4545 combines cost-efficiency with superior functions and print results.

USB 3.0 plus USB 2.0.

A single drive with universal compatibility today and next-generation speed for tomorrow. Use it with USB 2.0 now and step up to USB 3.0 speed when you're ready.

Ultra-small portable drive

Lightweight, stylish and easy to carry, this drive is powered directly from the USB port on your PC. No separate power supply is needed.

Up to 3x faster transfer rates.

When connected to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port this drive lets you access and save files up to 3 times faster than USB 2.0. Transfer a 2-hour HD movie in just under 5 minutes instead of 14 minutes.*

Remote capability:

The FV-Lt controller enables Remote capability in the DX4545.

Custom Made Color Inks:

The availability of Custom Made Color Inks has proven advantageous for the Priport range especially as this benefit is not shared by the MFP/LP range. Demands for spot color printing on letter heads, invoices and other personalized documentation still remains strong. The DX4545 has the capabilities of spot color printing in both standard and custom made color inks which are Ricoh Global Standard compliant.

Enhanced Security:

The DX4545 features a user tool access lock for security enhancement. In environments where anyone can access the machine, this function keeps the user tool settings from being changed without administrator’s permission. Access is controlled by password that administrator creates as he/she wishes.

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