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A well equipped workshop managed by a qualified and experienced force of engineers...

Manufacturing Division(EMD)

The Division consists of professionally qualified engineers...

Technical Services Division (TSD)

Good Service when you need it, is an important element in our customer relationship.

44 years of experience in the field has given us detailed insight into trouble shooting.

Our ready and willing service personnel who travel throughout Sri Lanka are always available to answer your inquiries and respond quickly to maintenance calls

Our Support team

  • installs the equipment you selected.
  • Checks all machinery and electronics thoroughly.
  • Tests equipment for trouble free operation

Our Training Staff

  • Visits your Office for operation training.
  • Familiarizes staff personal with operation.
  • Provides their service free of charge.

Our Service representatives

  • Contacts you regularly after installation.
  • Checks the equipment and fine tunes the equipment.

Our maintenance team

  • Rectifies equipment malfunction immediately.
  • Isolates problems quickly
  • Provides hassle free component replacement.
  • Ensures your system is operating smoothly.

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